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A tribute to a great educator, Dr Mimi Iznita

When I was in my undergraduate studies, I took Abnormal Psychology subject during my 5th semester on 2013. This subject among the few that really into my heart. This class made me realized that I have interest into abnormal personality of people. And the one who responsible for it is the lecturer who teaching the subject at that time, Dr Mimi Iznita. I did enjoy listen to her experiences dealing with many kinds of clients since she is a clinical psychologist. My very first impression of her is, “wow, her English accent is really great!”. That must be because she worked at US for a while before she come to UIA. One thing I remember about the class is the project the she assigned us to do, “go crazy project”. This project indeed gave us new perspective about mental health problem. Again, thanks to her.

And for my last semester in 2014 I took another subject under her supervision, clinical psychology. This subject is really tough but she made it enjoyable. And I remember during that semester, the incident of MH370 occurred and she is among the psychologists who helped the families of the victims to cope with the incidents. At that time, my respect towards Dr Mimi grow even bigger. I respect her that she got a lot of responsibilities on her shoulder but she managed it well. I admire her personality and attitude.

For me, she’s a lovable person. Loved by many, I’m certain about that. I met her before I pursue my master degree, asking for an advice. “of course, it’s a good thing. But you have to remember, passion alone won’t help you to go through the journey. You must also have a determination and always remember why you want to pursue your passion. InshaaAllah, you’ll go through the journey with new experiences. I will always pray for your journey. That the least thing we as your educator can do. We always pray the best for our students”. She touched my heart with her words. Those words will be always in my heart.

Dr Mimi, thank you for all your knowledge that you have been shared with us. InshaaAllah we will use it for the good purposes. For every knowledge that you gave, may Allah reward you amply. For every effort that you gave for society, may Allah reward you Jannah. Thank you for everything, Dr Mimi. Jazakillahu kheir. May you rest in peace. You’ll be missed.


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