Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't regret, never give up!


Am I able to do that? Question by question comes to my mind. Do it is not easy as I say it. I've choose my path then I have to bear the consequences along the way. Regret shouldn't be exist and giving up is not an option.  Everything that comes through my way, I’ll consider it as a lesson, good or bad. Lessons which taught me to become a wiser person, a grown up girl.

Down.  Well, I'm not excluded from it.  And most of the times I feel it when I'm not able to reach my expectations. I'm not a superman who able to do anything but I can be extraordinary person when I'm able to do what I think I cannot do. Well, our mind is powerful tool to our body.  (I'm using this to motivate myself :D )

Well, bear in mind that life is not always beautiful. There will be a time which is not pleasurable to taste but everything happens for a reason. Allah has always plan something better for us :)


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