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What is to be human?

It seems, as the world has gotten smaller with satellites and cell phones, that time has condensed and we are further pushed to minimize everything in life in order to save ‘time’.

We sort our laundry by color and texture.  We sort our projects by order of importance.  We sort people by commonalities – or lack thereof.  A moving scale if you will.  Religion is a big one.  Politics another.

Sorting has become habitual – we do it by rote, mechanically – a memorized technique that we could multitask our way through without so much as a sideways glance.  Do you know your garbage men by name?  Do you know who delivers your letters?  Do you know anything about them, their families, children, etc.? Just a question.  No judgment.

For the sake of religion, we have forgotten or perhaps even forsaken the most basic element that is at the core: we are all human.  We’ve only walked in our own shoes, and most of us have never left the country.  Yet for reasons that make no logical sense to me, we as humans feel that we can discern and subsequently express superiority over other humans.  I reiterate – we’ve only walked in our own shoes.  Where or is it how do we come by the ‘right’ to judge and determine the fate of those we consider inferior?  Did we give away the logic to the ‘god of time’ because “I need to get on to my next ……..(whatever)”?

I’m restless tonight.  (Earthy) Humanity desired to know it’s reaches – and so it has.  Be careful what you ask for.  Ask with open arms………… arms defined as:  ask the question, knowing that the answer may be sleeping next to you, in your house, in your heart.  Walk a mile in silence.   Walk another mile, and then another.  Breathe and know you are on a path.  Then recognize that your path may be paved – you’re still on the solitary path, not the human path.
To be
Back it up.  Forget the path.  Close your eyes and recognize your resonant heartbeat.  One thing.

We all have to give for one thing.  Love.  We are all ultimately reaching for it.  If we could but sort it out and recognize that all is within.  If we could but recognize that nothing is missing because it all resides inside, wouldn’t that be something.  We as humans need to find our way; else we lose the way and our humanity.


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