Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Merciful

As we planned, we must bear something in mind that not every plan that we have planned will be accomplished. Why? Because we are not independent being. We have creator who will always watch for us. If our plans would destroy ourselves, He won't let that plan happens. I'm trying to digest this idea as fluent as I write it. Of course I do understand this idea but sometimes I got away by my own feelings and emotions and could totally forget about this idea. How foolish I am.

But that's the nature of man. Forgetful. That's why there is concept which we call it "repent". Because we are forgetful being. We always forget that our Creator is the Almighty One, The One who control this universe, the One who plan our destiny. And who are we to deny that? We are always forget that the concept of mercy. He will forgive to those who repent. We are being blessed by his blessing and yes, our fate in the hereafter also will depends on his blessing. His kindness is beyond anything.

we must not lose hope as He never lose His hope towards His creatures. His blessing is wide. His door is widely open for us. That is why if we got astray, there is always a chance that He will guide us to Him back, right on the track.

Keep praying and have faith in Him.

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